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We will engage in interactive, experiential activities that offer insight and opportunities for you to gather information about how you bring yourself to your creative process. We will break into small groups, pairs, and large group activities, providing everyone a comfortable platform from which to participate. We won’t bring the book to class, however you will have the opportunity to read a chapter a week, allowing you to finish the book by the end of the workshop.


What will we be doing in the Artist’s Way workshop?

You do not need to bring the book to class, however you will need a copy of the book to read throughout the workshop. Most libraries have several copies, or you can go to amazon etc. You will need a journal to write in, a pen and some water. Dress comfortably. You may be asked to bring other things to the workshop throughout the experience, but a.) you will have a week’s notice, and b.) these will be simple things you already have around your home.

Do I need to bring the Artist’s Way book or anything else to class?

A make up class is offered for the first week, in the event that participants have to miss the first day. You won’t experience the interaction with other participants, but you will get the vital information you need to proceed.

What if I can’t make the first class, should I wait for the next workshop?

People have missed half an entire workshop and still benefited tremendously from the experience. This workshop is about uncovering, discovering and reconnecting with our creative self. While it’s not optimal to miss classes you can still get a lot out of continuing on your creative journey and practicing the methods you learn in the class when you have to miss a session. You will also receive a weekly bulletin that explains what we worked on, provides information about the exercises and activities, and reminds you what to read for the coming week. You can work with a creative buddy from class who keeps you connected.

What if I have to miss several classes?

Here is a link to Art and Soul Lab’s Refund Policy

Do you offer refunds?

The Artist’s Way Workshop provides a place to explore your creativity, to identify passions, and uncover hidden talents. You do not have to be an artist in order to participate. We will not be doing artwork during the class time.

What if I’m not an artist, is this workshop right for me?

I’m already an artist, why should I take this class?

Once the second week is over, there are no additions to the group. The intention is to create a safe, trusting, and supportive environment with individuals who have a common goal in mind. Adding people to the group beyond the second week would be too disruptive.

Do you allow new participants to join once the workshop has started?

Yes. As long as you pay $125 by the first night, you have 6 weeks to pay the balance of the workshop fee by providing 3 post-dated checks. You decide the dates and the amounts. We ask that you keep the number of payments to 3.

Do you offer payment plans for the Artist’s Way Workshop?

Many practicing artist’s take the Artist’s Way Workshop to overcome blocks, inhibition, procrastination, and fear. Practicing artist’s may also find that the workshop helps them to take their craft to another level, help them uncover new ideas and concepts.

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