This workshop (artist’s way) has been the most worthwhile commitment to time I have made artistically in a long time!

- Pat

You showed up, and the ‘Artist’s Way, at a time when I was ready to take a quantum leap - a leap into my authentic self- a place to learn to be who I am! You are a fabulous leader - compassionate, caring, committed and open. As a leader you communicate in an extraordinary way - and help us to open up in a safe and comforting environment. bravo!

- Carol

Talking to you the first time, I believed that you would be a wonderful leader. I have only known one other person in my life who is so supportive and is such a great cheerleader to artistic talent and creates an atmosphere where honesty and sharing is safe. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this class. If you ever question it, you are terrific!


You have a real gift for encouraging artistry and it has helped me tremendously. I think God’s heart smiles to see you encourage his creation in this way!


I have grown so much I “feel like an artist”. I know I was made to create and I am so grateful for this!


I had an awesome time in this workshop!... I liked your energy and genuine sense of caring for us and this class, so much!


You inspired and you shared. You exposed yourself, and that made it ok for me to open up as well.


My life is so much richer now from your input. I am so thankful I took this class. I really feel I have grown and also faced the demons that block the creativity and blocks my life. I feel braver and more sure of myself. I feel I can succeed in whatever I put my mind to.


This class has been so inspiring to me. Meeting new friends, the feeling of safety you made in our room.


I feel that you were born to do this at this time and in this place - and I was meant to be here. This has been a complete experience, nothing hidden, nothing left out.


You created a very safe, loving and supportive space in which everyone felt welcomed, honored and “seen” by you. Your enthusiasm, bouncing, playful energy and willingness to share with us your own struggles with your inner critic was a great mirror for us all to identify with. You also were extremely respectful and honoring of people as they were sharing with their groups. You really impressed me by your awareness of never cutting someone off or acknowledging when you had or checking with the person if they had more to say. I was also very impressed with your timekeeping, you started and ended on time, but did so very gently and humorously. We accomplished a lot each night and the pace was even and always forward moving. You are definitely doing your life’s work, so just continue.


I saw your passion, your pain, your enthusiasm, your encouragement and your love and concern for us, your class. You were great at rephrasing what we said when we shared and you were great about being open and welcoming and non-threatening and non-judgmental. I looked forward to every class, and felt supported by you!


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